Thank you for your further interest in One Would Think (OWT).  It is sincerely appreciated.

Despite the appearance and terminology, OWT is not about astronomy or Science Fiction.  Before discussing what OWT is about, a brief explanation of the structure and layout of the site will make your navigation easier. 

There are three categories, or sections, into which all the content is placed.  They are named Meteors, Moonbeams and Planets.  The articles, or posts, of One Would Think are placed in one of the three categories based on their length and intent, not on their subject matter.  The differences among the three are described below.

METEORS – As short-lived as a meteor, posts in the section are brief in length.  Normally not more than a few sentences, these are attempts at that “brevity is the soul of wit” thing.  Only the title of the Meteor appears on the Home page.  The actual content is found by clicking in the title.

MOONBEAMS – As difficult to grasp as a real moonbeam, articles in this section may be fact or fiction, serious or fun, direct or indirect, deep or shallow, and finally, memorable or forgettable.  Only a summary of each Moonbeam article appears on the Home page.  The complete article may be accessed by clicking on the title or “read the rest of this entry”.

PLANETS – Articles in the Planet section, like real planets, are larger, fewer in number, and more substantial in content.  Their intent is to encourage action on the part of the reader.  Like Moonbeams, only a summary of the Planet article will appear on the Home page.  The entire post may be found by clicking on the Title or “read the rest of this entry”.

Once again, thank you for your interest in One Would Think.  This “About” section will be expanded to offer more explanation in the future.