Maybe it’s a Disability

Liberals must be born without a “DOT” gene in their DNA. Being born DOT-gene-less renders the individual incapable of connecting the dots of an issue.  Regardless of what evidence, what logic or what sequence of events are used to define or describe an issue, a liberal will not be able to connect the dots and arrive at the right or correct conclusion.  Even in the face of complete failure of their ideas, they cannot comprehend the cause-and-effect.

How then, are liberals sometimes converted into normal people? That’s easy.  Just like stroke victims who are able to develop alternative pathways to limb movement, some liberals are able to overcome their affliction by retraining pathways in their brains to think more logically. Sometimes these remarkable transformations result in making better conservatives than those conservatives with weak or under developed DOT genes (RINO’s).

Oh and rarely, very rarely, a conservative becomes a liberal at some point in their lives, even without having a DOT-gene-ectomy. That is also easily explained. It’s called a mental breakdown.



Celebrating the Majesty of the Individual

There is no time like the present to familiarize ourselves with three classic novels. If you haven’t read them, then you need to while you can still obtain copies. If you have already read them, then reading them again might be in order.

The novels are “The Fountainhead” by Ayn Rand, “Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury, and “1984” by George Orwell. Two of these novels depict horrific societies and the other one deals with the propriety of one’s creativity and labor. The common theme underlying these novels is that each celebrates the Majesty, the Uniqueness, and the Inherent Value of the individual.

Throughout history there have been many books written from the point of view of individuals living in oppressive societies.  Their stories are about the struggle, the sacrifice and the risk of life and treasure to be free. There have been fewer, yet equally important novels written from the point of view of individuals already living in freedom. These, like those authors mentioned above, provide us with visions of life without that freedom, and the benchmarks and warning signs to judge when it is in jeopardy.

There is another document that celebrates the Majesty of the Individual. It is the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution doesn’t just celebrate the individual; it guarantees that there will be an individual as long as it’s followed.

The struggle to stay free, is much easier than the struggle to get free.



Far beyond anger, fear and frustration, the fact that America borrows money from Communist China to feed our poor and unemployed, is just shameful.



Nancy Pelosi’s age became greater than her IQ decades ago.  If “compromise” requires that we have to accept even one idea from her, in exchange for one of ours, we are all doomed.



No elected representative is as smart as the collective intelligence of his or her constituents.  The higher the office, the more the rule applies.